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Electricians Migrating to Australia

How do I migrate to Australia as An Electrician?

Migration is a three-step process. In order to be eligible for migrating as a Electrician or any occupation on the “Skilled Occupation” list and “In Demand” list you must hold the formal qualifications. The next step is you would need to obtain the Australian standards skills assessments for Electricians and become an Australia Licenced Electrician. This is through the governing bodies VETASSESS and TRA. The next step is to lodge the EOI and the visa.

This is more complex than it sounds, and it is advisable to seek professional assistance such as from experienced migration agents such as Direct Migration Experts. We have ample experience and know how to make decision ready valid visa and skills assessment applications. We get you the results in a fast turnaround time. We provide the skills assessing authority for electricians a solid decision ready application. Which means the case officer can make a fast decision for stage one of your skills assessment.

I am on a working holiday visa do I need to have an Australian electrical licence to work in Australia as an Electrician?

To work in Australia, you do not need your Australian licence. 

Do I need a licence to obtain my visa?

To migrate to Australia no matter where in the world you are from you must have been working in the last 12 months prior to your skills assessment application as a licenced Electrician. This is where many of our clients onshore come to realise, they are unable to apply for their skills assessment as they have been working for one or two years in Australia on their 417 working holiday visa as an unlicensed Electrician. Despite having UK experience or offshore experience as a licenced Electrician this does not meet the requirements for Electricians with the relevant skill assessing body. However, for those offshore in their home country we presume they have been working as a licenced electrician and would be able to apply for the skills assessment providing, they meet the rest of the requirements.

Do I need to find a sponsor or a work visa to stay in Australia as an Electrician?

So, you are in Australia and you thought your employer was going to sponsor you and it has fallen through. We hear this too often from our clients onshore who have loved their time here so much on their working holiday visas they do not want to return home. The employers often promise them to sponsor them so they can stay here. As this article shows this is only a temporary pathway to stay in Australia. However, being an Electrician there is a pathway to permanent residency in Australia. Direct Migration Experts have assisted hundreds of Electricians in obtaining their visa and permanent residency. 

Do I need a job to obtain permanent residency?

You do not need a job however, depending if you are onshore and offshore this will differ. Depending on which state and territory in Australia you are going to live in. Generally, in most cases you do not need employment to apply for permanent residency. Permanent Residency and the skilled occupation list are based on points and meeting the points criteria. This is not limited to Electricians but to all occupations on the skilled occupation list.


Do I need experience in Australia as an Electrician to obtain Permanent Residency?

You do not need Australian experience as an Electrician to apply nor obtain permanent residency. However, you do need formal qualifications and to hold a valid skills assessment in Australia as an Electrician to obtain permanent residency.

Do I need to be in Australia to apply for my permanent residency?

No, this is a misconception. We have helped many clients at Direct Migration Experts over the years in obtaining permanent residency from all over the world including but not limited to the UK and Ireland, Asia and South Africa.  

Is it difficult to find a job once I arrive in Australia as an Electrician?

Once you have your permanent residency it is extremely easy to find work as an Electrician. Many employers in Australia want staff and workers in all fields that hold permanent residency. It is particularly important that you understand that the reason you will obtain your permanent visa is because of the occupation Electricians being in high demand. This means that there are NOT enough local people to fill the number of vacant Electrical positions in Australia. Electricians are well paid as permanent residents in Australia. There are many vacant positions ranging from mining, large building companies, large organisations to small to medium businesses all looking to employ Electricians.


  1. My own brother is an electrician in Nepal.
    He has more than 10 years experience.
    How can he apply Permanent Resident in Australia?

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