Temporary Skills Shortage Visa (Subclass 482)

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The 457 has been abolished and thereby replaced by subclass 482 visa in March 2018! It can be commonly referred to as a sponsorship visa or an employer sponsored visa.

There are 3 steps to this application process the sponsorship, nomination, and visa application- all areas must qualify to be eligible:

  1. Sponsorship

A business must become approved as a Standard Business Sponsor to employ a skilled professional on a subclass 482 visa.
In order to obtain a Standard Business Sponsorship, it is a mandatory requirement that the business must:
Demonstrate lawful and active operation in Australia
Provide information and documents to its correct ABN to apply under, registering the business name, supplying Business Activity Statements (BAS) and financial statements, as well as showing a commitment to training Australian citizens and permanent residents and compliance with workplace and other Australian laws.

  1. Nomination

The employer must nominate a position within their business as one which must be filled by an overseas citizen. The nomination process has its own mandatory requirements to be met such as:

Labour Market Testing

To nominate an employee for a subclass 482 visa, the business us required to provide evidence and demonstrate that they have tested the labour market.
The business must demonstrate that it has unsuccessfully advertised for the nominated position, which could not be filled by local Australian citizen/permanent residents.
Evidence requirements are extremely strict, as at time of application two advertisements must have been placed within the last 4 months for a minimum period of 28 days, which will be deemed as acceptable. *There are exemptions to this requirement in some instances. It is in the best interest of the business to seek legal advice from experienced migration agent, to ensure that labour market testing regulations are met.

Training Levy

The employer is required to pay a Skilling Australians Fund (SAF) levy at nomination stage.
The amounts payable per applicant are set out as follows:
The charge will be calculated according to the number of years for which the visa is required, as set out in the nomination, and will be payable in full at this time.

  • A small business (Turnover less than $10M) will pay $1,200 per nomination per year for a subclass 482 visa. A large business will pay $1,800 per nominee per year.
  • If the employee is applying for a four-year visa, this will require the four annual payments to be made at the time of application. (For example, if a large business nominates an employee for a four-year subclass 482 visa, this business is liable to pay $7,200 when the nomination is made.)

Salary Level

The salary for the nominated position must be:

  • above the Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold (TSMIT). The current TSMIT threshold is $53,900 plus superannuation and reviewed each year by Department of Home Affairs (DOHA).
  • Salary must be within the market rate for the role, to ensure that the applicant will be paid equivalent or in line with Australian employees in comparable roles.
  • There is some occupation that are subject to caveats that set a minimum remuneration level that is well above the TSMIT.

TSS Visa (Temporary Skill Shortage Visa) Subclass 482

Who is this visa for?

If you have an occupation on the Short Term Occupation List (STSOL) you may be eligible for this visa for up to two years.
Some of the occupations listed however, please note not limited to include the following: sales and marketing manager , advertising manager, finance manager, human resource manager, quality assurance manager, specialist managers, café or restaurant manager, facilities manager, customer service manager, ICT project manager, company secretary, marketing specialist, advertising specialist, ICT Business Development Manager, web designer, database administrator, network administrator, ICT customer support officer, Baker. Please note that these occupations are just some extracted from the STSOL list.

What does it mean if the occupation is on the STSOL list?

  • Visa will be granted for a period of two years- renewable once onshore (2 + 2 max in total onshore) + more offshore
  • IELTS overall 5
  • No permanent residency visa pathway unless regional
  • Genuine Temporary Entrant requirement at time of application
  • No age limits
  • Meet health and character requirements
  • Employer must pay the market salary rate and meet the TISMIT
  • Visa applicant must meet the ANZSCO requirements for the nominated occupation plus relevant work experience

If your occupation is on the Medium and Long-Term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL) then you may be eligible for a visa up to four years. *You may be eligible for permanent residency after three years. This is due to your occupation being in demand to fulfil the labour market shortages and being recognised by the Australian government and the Department of Home Affairs as needed in the Australia labour market. Some of the occupations included but not limited to include the following: fitter and turner, fitter-welder, metal machinist, locksmith, panel beater, bricklayer, stonemason, carpenter and joiner, carpenter, joiner, painting trades worker, glazier, fibrous plasterer, solid plasterer, wall and floor tiler, plumber, air conditioning and mechanical services plumber, drainer, gasfitter, roof plumber, electrician, engineers, medical professionals, psychiatrists, psychologists, general practitioners, medical specialists , registered nurses and more, .

What does it mean if the occupation is on the MLTSSL list?

  • Visa will be granted for a period of four years- renewable
  • Pathway to permanent residency -You have the option to be nominated for permanent residency after a three-year period with the one employer
  • IELTS overall 5
  • No permanent residency visa pathway unless regional
  • No age limits
  • Meet health and character requirements
  • Employer must pay the market salary rate and meet the TISMIT
  • Visa applicant must meet the ANZSCO requirements for the nominated occupation plus relevant work experience

How to get started?

There are many questions both employers and employees have. One of the most common questions is:

Am I eligible to be a standard business sponsor?

Each organisation is different, holds different structures, financials, and business type. Therefore, it is important that you have a one-on-one consultation with our professional migration agents and lawyers. All your questions will be addressed, and we will have a chance to discuss your options and find out more about your business.

Am I able to sponsor by my employer?

There are so many contributing factors to this question, and it is not a yes or no straight answer. Everyone’s circumstances are different, visa status, work experience, English level, formal qualifications etc. It is important that first of all the employer is willing to sponsor you and knows the requirements and will enable to meet them. Secondly, we will need to evaluate your individual circumstances and relevant work experience and make sure you will be able to meet the visa eligibility requirements.

Can my partner join me on my visa?

Once again this is an individual situation to be assessed. As there are time of application requirements that must be met. Your employer will have to agree and acknowledge your family partner on your visa as well.

All the above is advised to be discussed with one of our experienced professional agents who has much experience with meeting the legislative requirements for the visas.

We will assess the eligibility of the application for a standard business sponsorship, nomination, and visa application as part of our consultation process.

When you engage our services, we will guide you through the entire process, from collating and gathering the required documents, comprehensively reviewing your documentation, preparing your application, liaising with the Department of Home Affairs and relevant third parties to lodgement of your application.

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