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Now is the perfect time to Migrate and Nurse in Australia?

How do I migrate and nurse in Australia?

Migration is a three-step process. In order to be eligible for migrating as a Nurse or any occupation on the skilled occupation list and in demand list you must hold the formal qualifications. The next step is you would need to obtain the Australian standards skills assessments for Nurses and become a registered Nurse. This is through the governing bodies APHRA and AMNAC. The next step is to lodge the EOI and the visa.

This is more complex than it sounds, and it is advisable to seek professional assistance such as from experienced migration agents such as Direct Migration Experts. We have ample experience and know how to make decision ready valid visa and skills assessment applications. We get you the results in a fast turnaround time.

I am already a qualified Nurse but my student agent in my country told me I need to come to Australia and study nursing again?

We meet many people who are given misinformation when obtaining a student visa. However, the good news is you do not need to study again. However, depending on where you have studied and where you have worked in the world you may need to complete a transition in obtaining the Australian standards and meeting our work requirements.

Do I need to be registered to nurse in Australia?

To work in Australia, you need your APHRA registration. 

Do I need more than APHRA to migrate to Australia?

TO migrate to Australia no matter where in the world you are from you must be registered with AMNAC. This is a process that Direct Migration Experts can assist you with. In order to apply for AMNAC you must first hold your AHPRA registration.

Do I need a job to obtain permanent residency?

You do not need a job however, depending if you are onshore and offshore this will differ. Depending on which state and territory in Australia you are going to live in. Generally, in most cases you do not need employment to apply for permanent residency. Permanent Residency and the skilled occupation list are based on points and meeting the points criteria. This is not limited to Nurses but to all occupations on the skilled occupation list.

Do I need experience in Australia as a Nurse to obtain Permanent Residency?

You do not need Australian experience as a Nurse to apply nor obtain permanent residency. However, you do need formal qualifications and to be registered in Australia as a Nurse to obtain permanent residency.

Do I need to be in Australia to apply for my permanent residency?

No, this is a misconception. We have helped many clients at Direct Migration Experts over the years in obtaining permanent residency from all over the world including but not limited to the UK and Ireland and the Philippines.  

Is it difficult to find a job as a Nurse in Australia?

Once you have your permanent residency it is extremely easy to find work as a Nurse. Many employers in Australia want staff and workers in all fields that hold permanent residency. It is particularly important that you understand that the reason you will obtain your permanent visa is because of the occupation Nurses being in high demand. This means that there are NOT enough local people to fill the number of vacant Nursing positions in Australia.

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