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There are several contributing factors that one must meet to qualify for a permanent residency visa. As each State is different and each visa different this will focus on the basic factors that will assist you in understanding the contributing factors and meeting the points criteria.

Each occupation has a different occupation ceiling and therefore each occupation depending on the demand of applications as well as the number of visa placements will vary.

For all visas the entry mark is 65 points.


How do I even get 65 Points?

The points that they look at to start with would be your age. The highest age bracket or the most in demand (not limited to) would be the ages of 25-33  you would receive 30 points. This is the maximum points you could get for age. 

The second factor would be the English Language. A common question we receive is do I have to do my English exam I am from an English speaking country. No you do not however, we do suggest this for most applicants to bring up their overall score. The maximum points one could get for English would be 20 however, most of our clients manage to get 10 points 

The following factors below will be discussed however, only two are compulsory unless you can meet the points. One compulsory factor to meet the skilled points test would be that at the time of application one should be under the age of 45 years.

The second compulsory factor would be the skills (qualifications). Please refer to other article discussing the skills assessment.

Work Experience

Another common question is I don’t have Australian work experience can I apply still. 

Yes many people apply from their home country which is recognised as offshore. The points system offers one points for work experience from abroad as well.

Study In Australia

Australian study will get one extra points providing that they have completed their full course in Australia in the minimum required time frame.

Accreditation in Community Language

If you have done a community language and have the examination to prove it this will give an applicant extra points.

Study in Regional Area

Study in regional Australia will give the applicant extra points.

Professional Year in Australia

Having done a professional year and being able to prove this will give the applicant extra points.

Partner Skills

If your partner has had their skills assessed in Australia then you may achieve extra points at the time of application.

Nomination by a State or Territory Government

This will give one between 5-10 extra points depending on the visa type and location at the time of application. These points can be granted whether applying offshore or onshore if you meet the legislative criteria at the time of application.


This is only a guide and each case is different it is strongly suggested that you contact us to see if and how you qualify. In addition, it would be beneficial to prepare your application in advance of your visa expiring to ensure that you would be able to remain in Australia while your application is processed. We assist people all over the world, so you don’t have to be in Australia to apply for the visas.

In addition Australian migration law is complex and is constantly changing so always seek professional help at the time of application to ensure you meet the legislative criteria.

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