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I have a criminal conviction will this affect my visa ?

Having a criminal conviction whether that being from abroad in past criminal convictions or in Australia may be detrimental to your application. However, here at Direct Migration Experts we know how to address it in the correct manner. The character requirements are set out in the Australian Migration Act 1958. You must meet the character requirements if you are applying for an Australian visa.

What does this mean?

By ignoring this or not supplying immigration with the correct and true information may affect your current application or future applications.

We always suggest to our clients to not ignore things hoping that they will go away or not be picked up by the Department. We always suggest giving honest and accurate answers to questions on all forms and applications. Department of Home Affairs always finds out especially when Character police checks are mandatory.

How can we assist you?

Direct Migration Experts are specialists in character cases meaning we can prepare submissions that support your unfavourable character references.  We know the legislative criteria and how to present the information to the DOHA in a favourable way on a case by case basis.

We have helped many clients with convictions of assault, drug charges, repeat offences and even drink driving charges. 

Organise your consultation so as we can assist you in your submissions and address your migration concerns. We can address Notice of Intention to Cancel visas and achieve a positive outcome where possible. 

Please place importance on this by taking action and addressing the Character requirement early where possible. We will assist you in the correct way and put the best submission forward in your favour.

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