Medical Health Waiver- PIC4007

Medical Health Waiver

Have you applied for an Australian visa and received a Medical Health Waiver (Form 884) by a Medical officer of the Commonwealth stating that you do not meet the health requirements for your Australian visa?

What are your options? 

Can you seek a waiver for your health condition? 

Or will you just give up?

Well, let’s start with this…

The Department of Home Affairs (DOHA) is likely to refuse your visa if you have a health condition which:

  • Result in a significant cost to the community
  • Prevent Australian citizens from accessing health care or community services in short supply
  • You have active tuberculosis
  • Your condition might pose a danger to the community or is a threat to the public health

When can I get a health waiver?

A visa health waiver may only be requested for after a Medical Officer of the Commonwealth (MoC) has assessed that the applicant does not meet the health requirement and where the Department is satisfied that the visa approval would be unlikely to result in:

  • undue costs or
  • undue pressure on health care and community services.

What can be considered as part of the health waiver? 

When deciding whether to exercise a Health Waiver DOHA will take into account the mitigating factors in making an assessment for health waiver such as:

  1. the extent to which the main visa applicant and/or their family may be able to mitigate potential costs/prejudice to access issues identified by an MOC;
  2. the skills and qualifications of the main visa applicant and their migrating family members, for example occupation skills, qualifications, English language skills, work history and/or future employment prospects;
  3. whether the applicant has significant family links in Australia;
  4. whether a failure to exercise the health waiver will negatively impact Australian citizen children;
  5. whether the applicant has ties to Australian community and social groups; and
  6. any other compassionate and/or compelling factors that warrant a Health Waiver being exercised.

The above is not an exhaustive or complete list of mitigating factor that will be assessed.

We can assist you in assessing whether you may be eligible to apply for a health waiver.

There are many health conditions that may be overcome by a health waiver!!!

Direct Migration Experts have assisted many clients with health waiver successfully, and allowed them to call Australia their home.

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