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How to migrate to Australia as a tradesperson such as a plumber, welder, carpenter or motor mechanic?

Migrate to Australia as a Tradesperson

So, you have the experience and qualifications as a tradesperson. You have been dreaming about blue skies, freedom and the great Australian lifestyle.

Great. You are in luck. Australia currently needs you and, according to the number of positions in the trades for skilled migration, you are in demand. So, you are thinking, how can I work and live in Australia on a permanent basis? How can I make Australia my new home?


The first step involved would be for us to have a look at your CV to confirm if you pre-qualify. We look at your work experience and or formal qualifications as a total package to see how your application will be considered.


Once we have a look and know that you qualify we ask you to have a one on one consultation with us so we can ask you further questions, you can ask questions and of course for us to give you the visa pathways and subclasses that you are eligible for. As well as a current guide to Department fees and our professional fees. 


Our consultation gives you a thorough understanding of all your options. This is a one on one service a personalised service. We will advise you according to your age, work experience, formal qualifications, family and personal circumstances, financial capacity and of course your long-term goals. In addition, we will give you the best pathway in order to obtain the best outcome for you at the time of application. 



The first step for any occupation is to obtain a skills assessment. The skills assessment for any trade is a three-part application. The first part is that we obtain all your paperwork and submit the required documents. Once we obtain a positive stage one assessment, we then book you in for stage two and three.


Stage 2 and 3 is theory and practical assessment in your chosen occupation. 


After obtaining a positive skills assessment, we will apply for the Expression of Interest.


 Once receiving the invitation to apply we then apply for a state nomination (if subclass 190 category is selected) followed by of course the visa application.


At Direct Migration Experts we always have a relatively fast turnaround as we only ever apply with decision-ready applications. Whether it be for skills assessment or any part of the visa process. We are knowledgeable within the law and migration legislative requirements. 


As per our code of conduct we cannot guarantee any visa outcome. However, we do guarantee that as leading migration specialists and experts we do not take on any case that does not have a high prospect of success. 

What does this mean for you? 

This means that unless we believe that from the information presented to us that there is a high chance of success, we do not take on your case. We pride ourselves on being true professionals that assist clients in achieving their migration dreams and having a smooth transition and application process. We will be transparent with our clients from start to finish.  Let us take care of the process and you just sit and wait.

TRADESPERSONS *Plumbers *carpenters and joiners *painters and decorators *chefs *welders *locksmiths *electricians *metal machinists *cable joiner *bricklayer *solid plasterer *wall and floor tiler *sign writer *roof plumber *gasfitter *butcher *cabinetmaker *boilermaker *hairdresser *and more


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