Migrating to AustraliaAustralia


Often this subject gets brushed under the table. Not talking about obtaining the visa but rather once you actually hold the visa and are ready to migrate.

How does one feel about migrating to a new country like Australia

While the long-term benefits and outcome can be amazing and wonderful. the transition can be quiet daunting and scary for the person involved in moving. To often our clients will reflect with us and tell us how scared they were in giving up their life at home and all the familiarities to come to Australia.

However, this was never discussed with friends and family back home who all expressed their excitement and jealousy. Australia is after all at the end of the world. It is the furthest continent from Europe and really the rest of the world. 

Starting again not knowing anyone is scary and can be very daunting. Think about how it is so easy when you are familiar with a place. Familiar with people, the culture, the environment, directions and everyday life. There are so many things in everyday life we can take for granted however, when moving across the world and migrating to Australia can be a shock to the system.

 All the nerves and thoughts are normal it is not something people openly seem to discuss. We also have come to realise that once you are settled in Australia unless one has a really bad experience in settling these feelings are often forgotten about. We thought it was important to acknowledge that such a move although it is filled with much excitement and new beginnings can also be filled with fear and anticipation. 

There are many organisations in Australia and community groups that people can join with other people in similar situations which is great. No doubt social media has made this easier as you can find any groups on Facebook. 

This article was written to express how your feelings are completely normal and things will get easier as you adjust to the Australian way of life and culture.

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