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Australia welcomes all and when the population was asked to vote in favour of legalising same sex marriages there was more than 61 percent of Australians voting in favour. Same sex relationships in Australia are recognised not only by the people but by the government as well. It is seen as a commitment and partnership and marriage like any other heterosexual relationship.

It is great to know that the next generation of Australians agree with this sentiment. My own son at the time even questioned, “Why is it something we have to vote for”? People should just do what makes them happy. This is a great affirmation and display of the open mindedness of Australians.

The Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras sometimes referred to as Sydney Mardi Gras or Mardi Gras, is an annual LGBT pride parade and festival in Sydney each year in early March. It is attended by people from across the globe 


Does Australia recognise same sex relationships and LGBT for partner visas if we are not married?

Yes, Australia recognises lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender persons and relationships as well as marriages for dependents and partner visas. In addition, same sex marriages are recognised as marriage in Australia. 


I am in Australia on a temporary visa and I met my partner here how can I stay here?

For us to answer this correctly we would need to acquire more information from you. Something important with migration is that EVERY SINGLE case is individual and different. No case is identical, we are aware depending on which city, State and Territory you are residing in we can assist you with proof of relationship. We do advise that you contact Direct Migration Experts Pty Ltd to ensure that we assess you and your partner as well as have a look at your current visa conditions. 


I met my partner online and we have not met in person yet? How can I come to be with them in Australia?

There are many visas that you can enter Australia on. It is best at this point to obtain legal advice to ensure that you apply for any visa with the correct information put forward to the Department to avoid any complications for future applications. We strongly suggest you contact Direct Migration Experts for initial advice.


We are engaged and plan to get married should I apply for the visa before or after getting married?

A partnership is recognised like a marriage and whether you have shared a matrimonial or commitment ceremony you can still apply for the visa. Many people in Australia live in de-facto relationships and this is recognised as a commitment for migration purposes. With any application there is much information that you must provide to the Department of Home Affairs in proof of relationship such as a genuine relationship. You must share financial commitments and plans for a long-term future together. When applying for the partner visa as a same sex couple there are NO extra requirements as if you were applying for a heterosexual partner visa.


How much information do we need to provide to the Department at time of the application?

There is so much information that you need to provide to the DOHA at time of application when applying for a partner visa. We at Direct Migration Experts are aware of all the information that is required at the time of application. Being in the industry for more than 20 years we understand the requirements and provide all our clients with decision ready applications. Meaning we will make sure that you provide all evidence at the time of the initial application. We have had many successful outcomes for our clients in partner visas. 

We strongly suggest seeking professional legal advice as migration law in Australia is known to be the most complex area of law. In addition, bringing your partner here or being able to have gender expression is not something that can be taken lightly. There are still many countries today in the year 2020 that does not give same sex marriage the validation and affirmation and freedom of gender expression as does Australia. Let your future be filled with beautiful rainbows and a positive and bright future. Contact us today at michelle@directmigrationexperts.com.au for your initial consultation and pathway to happiness. 


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