Administrative Appeals Tribunal

When the Department of Immigration refuses your visa, it comes as a shock and is a very stressful time.

  • Decisions reviewable by the tribunal include:
    If a visa application has been refused;
  • The cancellation of a visa where the visa holder was in Australia;
  • Refusal to revoke the cancellation of a visa if the person is in Australia;
  • A determination on the points test for skilled migration visas, business sponsorships and nominations; and
  • A determination on security bonds for bridging visas.

There are strict time limits for making applications to the tribunal. The time limit will depend on the decision which is being challenged but for all decisions these time limits are relatively short.

We have successfully managed many AAT appeals. We put together a detailed submission for you by analysing current Case Law, interpreting the Migration Act and Regulations and reviewing the Case Officer Policy Advisory Manual.

We can determine your eligibility to appeal your visa refusal. Contact us today and we will provide information on the steps, fees and process.

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