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This is a very common question when people are applying for a permanent residency visa. As many of you are already qualified and have been working in your trade or profession for some years. In order to qualify for the skilled visa, it is mandatory for anyone with overseas experience and or qualifications to get their skills assessed by the Australian regulatory bodies.

The skill assessment process varies between trades and occupations. However, we can say that a starting point for all occupations is one must have their formal qualifications from overseas or Australia and be able to prove their work experience.

What does the procedure involve?

The procedure varies slightly between the different industries and assessment authorities. Depending on your occupation or trade will be assessed by the appropriate authority. As an example, for any trade such as (but not limited to) Carpenters and Joiners, Electricians, Plumbers and Chefs the appropriate authority would be VETASSESS. As this role requires not only experience and formal qualifications there is a three-part process. The first stage would be to make sure that all paperwork is provided such as proof of work experience and formal qualifications. Once the first stage is approved a theory test would need to be booked with them. This would be followed by a practical examination.

As mentioned above all authorities are independent and different depending on your professional background. 

How long will it take?

This varies from authority to authority. Most of the authorities we can pay extra for a quicker processing time. We always suggest not to leave it to the last minute as having a positive skills assessment and the correct amount of points will allow one to apply for the EOI. Once the invitation is issued then of course application for the appropriate visa.

From Direct Migration Experts perspective providing you can provide us with the correct documents we are able to lodge it in a fast time frame.

Can I lodge my EOI while I wait for my results?

No at time of EOI you must have a positive skills assessment. The reason in which you would qualify for the visa is if you have your full skills assessment and are able to prove this to the DOHA. Your skills assessment will look after the component that gives you points for your occupation and trade.

If I have a positive skills assessment is there a chance, I won’t get my visa?

At Direct Migration Experts we do not take on any case that we believe does not have a good prospect of success. This means that providing the applicant gives us the correct information including all past visa history, character backgrounds etc we do not see any reason as to why your visa would be refused.  However, please note that all final decisions are up to the Department and no migration agent or lawyer in Australia can guarantee the outcome.

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