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Skilled Visas

Are you interested in making Australia your permanent home? Last year Australia granted 160,000 permanent migration applications. 2019 is set for a higher number with Australia suffering from major skills and labour shortages throughout the industries from medical, it, construction. trades and more. 

 Have you been living here and can’t find a suitable sponsor? Have you completed some work experience in Australia and have an occupation that is on the MTSSL / SOL and want to know how this can apply to you? Are you living and working overseas but want to make Australia your permanent home? Then there is good news for you.

Australia is suffering a major skills and labour shortages. One industry to suffer is the building industry with a massive shortage of labourers. Electricians is the most sought-after trade in the construction industry with an all-time high for job vacancies Australia wide in 2018-2019 

The Skilled Visa stream allows you to migrate to Australia independently and live and work in Australia permanently. The advantage for the visa holder is that they are able to live and work in Australia independently and are not required to work for a nominated employer but rather be independent. 

The Australian government has announced that there will be no further cuts in their migration numbers however, they will encourage skilled applicants to regional areas. Australia currently has many occupations and positions that they need to cover in their current skills shortages. Australia has options for those wishing to migrate and live and work in their occupation permanently we have the skilled independent visa subclass 189 and the State Sponsored subclass 190 visa. 

Skilled permanent residency visa options include:

Skilled Independent Visa subclass 189 visas.

This stream of visa is for points test skilled worker and is for skilled workers that are not nominated by a State or Territory or a family member. In order to qualify you must have a nominated skilled occupation that is on the skilled occupation list and have met the points requirement.

If my occupation is on the list how can I qualify?

In order to qualify you must have a skills assessment from the relevant authority. Each occupation has their own skills assessing authority. Occupations are often grouped into categories and you will find for trades such as Chef, Plumber, Carpenter and Joiner, Electricians the skills assessing authority would be VETASSES. Each occupation on the list has their own body they are governed by when obtaining the skills assessment. The skills assessment is a delicate process as all the correct information must be supplied to the relevant authority at time of application in order for you to achieve a successful skills assessment. The skills assessment will look at you being able to prove that you have the necessary qualifications and work experience.

Further eligibility requirements include:

  • Have a relevant occupation on the skilled occupation list 
  • Have completed and obtained your relevant Australian skills assessment 
  • Meet the points test- each occupation has a pass mark and at the time of the application you must meet these criteria
  • Lodge an Expression of Interest and be invited by the government to apply for the visa
  • Meet the age requirement
  • Have competent English
  • Meet the health and character requirements

Do I need to be in Australia to apply for the skills assessment and visa?

You may be inside or outside of Australia to apply for all the steps of the visa. The skills assessment may be lodged onshore or offshore. The Expression of Interest may be applied for onshore or offshore. The visa can be applied for onshore or offshore. If you are currently in Australia and lodge a valid visa application whilst holding a substantive visa, then a bridging visa will allow you to remain in Australia. You will remain in Australia legally whilst awaiting the outcome of your permanent residency visa application.

Skilled nominated Visa Subclass 190 

Subclass 190 visa is a State or Territory Nominated visa. Each state and territory in Australia have occupations that are in demand in their region and state. If you find your occupation on the State list, then you will be eligible to apply and obtain extra points as you will be nominated by a State or Territory in Australia.

What must I do in order to be nominated by a State?

Each state and territory have its own list of occupations and requirements to apply. You must follow their processes in order to qualify.

If I am nominated by a State do, I have to live in that area?

Yes, you are required to live and work in that State if you are nominated by them. You will acquire your permanent residency based on the need for your occupation in the nominated area. If you decide to live elsewhere this may affect the time it would take to obtain your Citizenship when you are eventually eligible.

Can I bring my spouse with me on my visa immediately?

You can bring your spouse, partner and children providing you meet the requirements and have been invited to apply for the visa. To have your family with you at time of visa grant you will need to have applied for their visas at the same time as yours. 

I am from an English-speaking country do I need to sit an English test?

Some skills assessments require everyone to complete and English test. In addition, all applicants must display competent English. In some instances, we encourage our clients and visa applicants to sit an English exam and achieve the maximum score that they are capable of in order to obtain more points.  There are several different testing authorities that you may do your English examination with.

How long does the visa process take?

This is a difficult question to answer. Each stage takes time and most skills assessing authorities take up to three months to receive a skills assessment. The rest of the stages vary however, overall the processing time you are looking at anywhere up to 13 months. This is an estimated time and the final decision and processing times is always up to the Department of Home Affairs (immigration). We can assist you in presenting a decision ready application but ultimately the timeline once it is lodged is out of our hands. Times for processing constantly change so what may be relevant today could change tomorrow.

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