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As experienced migration professionals at Direct Migration Experts, we are frustrated by the number of applicants who are told they need to get a student visa to study and obtain their master’s degrees to be eligible for their permanent residency. 


Too often we see clients who have several years’ experience in their trade or profession or who hold relevant degrees that would enable them to obtain permanent residency.


Rosalyn is a Philippine’s national who has completed a bachelor’s in nursing. Rosalyn has 8 years’ experience as a Nurse and has been working full time. She has arrived in Australia to study a bachelor’s in nursing. Rosalyn was eligible for permanent residency at time of arrival. However, was unaware and never told by her Student Agent overseas. Education agents are not registered migration agents and are not qualified to give migration advice.

Yes, some occupations require a bridging course however, this could be done at home. If Rosalyn would have had some information and the right advice, she would have saved money for studying in the first place.

Not to mention the clients age to be eligible for permanent residency you must be under the age of 45 years. As you get older your points decrease and often these may be just the points you need to enable you to obtain a successful permanent migration outcome.

We advise all of you, whatever your occupation, to come and get your free preliminary assessment before you embark on a student visa or any other subclass of Australian visa. We like to make a point of difference in giving everyone a free preliminary visa assessment.  

The point that Direct Migration Experts would like to make is that in order to qualify for permanent residency Australian study is not a necessity. Each individual case is unique and each person’s points will vary slightly depending on their age, education, English level, Overseas work experience, Australian work experience, State nomination and of course visa class they are applying for.

Save money and your valuable time by speaking to us today about your visa options based on your existing qualifications and experience.

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