Migrating to Australia

What should I study in Australia?

What to Study in Australia

What is the best course to study in Australia to help me apply for migration?

Clients always ask us this…

What is the best thing to study so I can stay in Australia? This has become the million-dollar question. Unfortunately, we are Migration Agents and Solicitors and not fortune tellers.

When Clients ask us this:

We always take it back a step. Firstly, migration laws are constantly changing and subclasses of visas as well. We do our reading on a daily basis to keep up with the constant changes.
This means that even if an occupation is in demand today it may be removed by the time you are ready to apply. We always ask our clients what is your passion? What are your interests? What is your background overseas? What is your work experience?
To be successful in anything there must be an underlying passion there and a motivation to do what you like on a daily basis. It is no good going to study accounting if you hate numbers and don’t visualise yourself working as an accountant. Over the past decade we have seen so many students study accounting only to graduate and not even reach the points threshold and receive an invitation. Not only not meeting the required points mark nor do they obtain the IELTS academic score. A lot of time and money wasted unless they want to return to their home country to be an accountant. Which to be honest we are yet to see.
Life changes, plans change, circumstances show up and you may have to even go back home. So we suggest to never go by the Skilled Occupation List unless the course you are choosing relates to your passion, past experience or future career path.
There are a lot of occupations on the current 491 list, 482 list as well as the general skilled occupation list. Really there is an occupation for everyone and everything. So why not think about YOU and what you enjoy and go from there. You will be that one step closer to achieving your migration and lifelong dreams.

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