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Australia is a Lucky Country

It offers equal opportunity for all throughout your lifetime

You are reading thinking great but what do they mean by such a broad statement. 

In many countries you are either born into a class system or a stigma based on your family’s monetary value and net worth. Often depending on which area you are born in, and to which family this will determine your long-term future. This is not the case in Australia.

What factors make Australia different and stand out?

  • Education


Education is free and runs on a universal syllabus across the States and country as a whole. The Australian economy and national budget have a large portion going into continuing improvements to our education system and school grants. The facilities at government funded schools are continually upgraded and more importantly the level of education is at an international standard. 

If someone wants to do well at school in Australia it doesn’t matter if they are at a private school or government school, they will do well if this is a focus. There is no advantage to an individual necessarily from having a private education. In addition, if one comes from a low-income home the government gives the child (teenagers) money to continue studying at school which helps them towards their educational expenses.


University education once again is offered at a use now and pay later service. This means for those who don’t have the funds to pay for their studies have the opportunity to attend on government higher education loans and pay back once they enter the workforce. The interest charged for this is extremely low and once again offers everyone the chance to study at a higher level. This would not be available in many other first world nations a good example is the USA where extremely high fees are required for one to attend and obtain a college education.


This is an excellent level of education offering more practical courses where people can study and then enter the workforce. It is also suitable for people working and studying part time. Many trades are offered at TAFE. Tafe fees are much less than university and many courses are offered for free by TAFE as this is owned by the Government


Australia not only offers its Citizens and permanent residents’ free medical access but now temporary visa holders this opportunity as well. People on the permanent visa pathways based on their skills have the opportunity to enjoy access to free medicals. Medical care such as hospital, regular doctors, operations, childbirth facilities etc. In many countries across the world this is a high cost of living expense. However, we are privileged in Australia to have a world class health system where all people are equal and privileged. This really is a standout to our standard of living in Australia.



Although the big cities such as Sydney and Melbourne are reaching the most expensive places in real estate in the world. Australia is so large this is not the entire real estate market. The government offers first home buyers grants, low level mortgages for people entering the property market for the first time. As Australia is ever expanding with its migration and population one is able to obtain a home loan if necessary, to buy a house and land package. The standard of living once again is high if one would like to take the opportunity and move outside of the main cities.



Australian workforce is always in full force and we have not suffered like many other nations in the economic falls. We always have jobs available in any fields. Actually, we have such a skills shortage our Department of Immigration is trying to encourage skilled people to arrive and fill those positions. We always say at Direct Migration Experts if someone is willing to work, they will find a job anywhere.



There are not many countries that are a huge island with every geographical landscape to enjoy. The great thing about our country it is so diverse and full of beautiful nature and much of it to this day is untouched. We hold world heritage sites such as the famous Great barrier Reef. There is no need to travel abroad when you can enjoy all of the natural wonders in your own backyard. Travel within Australia has become much cheaper than in the past and is highly affordable to travel across the nation. The majority of Australia’s population live along the coastline so whether you end up in South Australia in Adelaide, Sydney on the East Coast the Gold Coast you will have the ocean at your doorstep. This is the true beauty of Australia that we get to enjoy a high standard of living in nature often with a city lifestyle.


Australia is a relatively new country with a rich Aboriginal and cultural history traced back to more than 40,000 years ago. In the last 230 years or so people have come from all over the world to make Australia their home. We have such a rich culture so diverse that you can find food from all over the world. In addition, there are many languages spoken at home other than English. It is interesting and wonderful to see so many people from all over the world in a melting pot such as Australia. Some of the nationalities and languages you will find common in Australia include (but of course not limited to) Chinese, Mandarin, Cantonese, Vietnam, Vietnamese, Germany, German, Spanish, Brazil, Portuguese, Russian, Italy, Italian, Serbian, Croatian, Turkey, Turkish, England, Ireland, Scotland, India, Pakistan, Nepal , Greece-Greek, Argentina, Malta, Afrikaans , South Africa , Dutch just to name a few.

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