Live in Australia and get paid to do so!

Australia is home to well over 2 million visitors yearly, which continues to increase due to its amazing lifestyle, weather and the activities it offers. Working Holiday Visa holders (417/462) holders fall in love with Australia while exploring and travelling throughout Australia and, in many instances, can convert their working holiday visa into other visa classes or even permanent residency.

Let’s look at some of the fundamental FAQ about the 417 and 462 visas:

What is a working holiday visa?

A working holiday visa allows people to work in Australia and earn an income for the duration of their visa. This allows them to find a job, earn money (and pay taxes) as well as travel and see the country at the same time. There are some obligations related to this visa and this information pack will go over what those obligations are.

What are the benefits of a gap year/Working Holiday Visa?

There are a range of personal and professional benefits to doing the Working Holiday Maker program. Including:

  1. Having the opportunity to experience the culture here in Australia
  2. Being able to earn money so you can stay for longer
  3. Getting to work for Australian companies and gain valuable work experience
  4. Being able to experience the Australian countryside (both city and country) and see some of the amazing places, exotic animals and flora that exist here.
  5. Travel is a great way for young people to grow and learn as they navigate everything from finding accommodation, shopping, cooking and all other life skills. Many people say it is one of the best growth experiences that they have ever had.

Who can apply for a Working Holiday Visa?

A working holiday visa is available to people up to the age of 30 who meet the health and character requirements of the Australian government. In short, you need to not have any communicable diseases such as tuberculosis and must not have had any criminal convictions. You must also not have had a visa cancelled or a previous application refused.

This visa is available to people from the following list of eligible countries.

  • Belgium
  • Canada
  • Republic of Cyprus
  • Denmark
  • Estonia
  • France
  • Germany
  • Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China (including British National Overseas passport holders)
  • Italy
  • Republic of Korea
  • Malta
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Sweden
  • Taiwan
  • United Kingdom


Working in Australia will give many people the opportunity to experience the wonderful culture Australia has to offer. With much natural beauty and carefree lifestyle, it is not surprising that many people try to obtain a working holiday visa for a second year.

One year and even the second year often passes very quickly, and many visa holders begin to ask many questions.

Common Questions about a Working Holiday Visa (417/462 Visa)

What are my obligations as a visa holder?

  1. You must have enough money for your stay and to leave. It may be asked of you at time of application to show that you have sufficient funds to support yourself whilst in Australia
  2. You must always comply with current visa conditions
  3. Your need to apply for your tax return each financial year ending 30 June, as this is a mandatory requirement for temporary and permanent residents in Australia.
  4. You will need to register with a Superannuation fund where your employer pays the mandatory 9.5% on your behalf.
  5. To notify the Department of Home Affairs (DOHA) if your circumstances change

My second-year visa is finished what can I do to stay in Australia?

The first question we like to ask our clients is what is your occupation back home? Or what have you worked in or studied prior to visiting Australia. Many of our 417 visa holders have studied abroad and worked in their nominated occupation. Many of you may be eligible to stay here permanently with your occupation as we have a large skill shortage in Australia. Trades such as Carpenters and Joiners, Plumbers, Painters, Electricians, Mechanics and many more occupations are needed in Australia. There are several options that we will discuss in this article. Each individual will be suitable for different options depending on their circumstances, career and long-term goals.

How can I find out about the status of my visa application?

Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO) you can check your visa status on the Department of Home Affairs website.

My Australian employer said that they would sponsor me – what do I need to do?

This is great news for those that have found an employer to sponsor them. The first thing we would need to do would be to assess if you have enough previous work experience or hold the formal qualifications for your nominated position. It is important at this stage not to waste any time and come and see us for individual professional advice on this option. These applications require the employer to comply with the visa application laws and it takes time to arrange and apply.

There are many temporary work visas that may be available to 417 visa holders, such as 482 visa, 407 training visa, skilled visa 189/190… the visa pathway will depend on individual circumstances.

Can I study once my visa has finished?

This is always a possibility and we can assist you in obtaining a student visa. It is always the best to come and talk to us to see if this is the right visa for you. Depending on your migration goals we can guide you as to this being the right step for you.

What if I have not done my 88 days regional work?

You must have completed your three-month regional work to apply for the second working holiday visa. You must also be sure that your work is correct, and it will count towards your 88 days. Not doing this work will run the risk of not obtaining your second working holiday visa.

If I have not done the required regional work and I apply what will happen?

Your visa in this case will be refused. The Department of Home Affairs (immigration) has data matching with other government departments such as the ATO.

Can I apply for a tourist visa to stay here longer after my working Holiday Visa?

You must have genuine intentions to travel here and to leave afterwards. This visa does not permit you to work in Australia it is a tourist visa only.

What is the best option for me to stay in Australia longer?

It is always best to decide what is it you want. There are many options and each one may be suited to different needs. The options include a second working holiday visa, a third working holiday visa, student visa, sponsorship visa, skilled migration visa, training visa ..

If I hold a trade from back home can I stay here permanently?

Australia has a skilled migration scheme. There is a large list of occupations on there some of them include, plumbers, painters, carpenters and joiners, electricians, mechanics, chefs, welders, fitter and turner, pastry cook and more. If you hold a trade that is on the list of occupations in demand, there are steps you can take to stay in Australia permanently. However, due to the many steps involved we suggest you seek professional advice in getting it right the first time.

I have overstayed my working holiday visa what will happen next?

If you have overstayed your working holiday visa you will be treated in the same way as overstaying any visa in Australia. You have breached your visa conditions and risk a re-entry ban when leaving Australia. It is best to come and seek professional help once you have realised this.

I have met the love of my life and they want to sponsor me to stay in Australia?

This is a possibility but there are many requirements that you must meet as a couple to do this.

However, as many of you know that the lifestyle and beautiful country and people can be very inviting for one to want to extend their stay. A year can fly by when you are enjoying yourself.

Many clients at Direct Migration Experts want to stay in Australia after their second or even third year working holiday visa. The main question you all ask are what options do I have?

The options will vary greatly from person to person and depending on so many factors they include but are not limited to the following:


When your last visa is expiring within a month you are limited to your options for the short term. That is not to say that your long-term options in achieving your residency are vanished.

If you have another 6 months, then we can confidently say providing you hold the right experience and qualifications you may have options on the skilled occupation list to stay here permanently.

Providing you meet the skills assessment your occupation is on the list and you meet the points criteria.

Tips on How to apply from 417/462 to Permanent Residency Pathway:

Student Visa:

  • Enrol into a Vocational College Diploma/ Advance Diploma course that can lead to potential employment and employment visa sponsorship
  • If you are already skilled and have work experience, check if you qualify for skilled migration and start your skill assessment process as soon as possible
  • Have a strategic plan put together by Direct Migration Experts about your Australia Permanent Residency Journey of how to emigrate to Australia as 462/417 visa holder
  • Prepare for your IELTS/PTE/TOEFL and understand score that you require to achieve along with which exam is acceptable and applicable to you and your profession (as some skill assessment authorities have strict Evidence of English requirements

Work Visas

  • You will need to have at least 3 years of work experience and have your occupation listed on the skilled occupation list relevant to the subclass 482- 3 step process (Sponsorship, Nomination and Visa Application), subclass 494-Regional Employer sponsored visa or a subclass 186 Visa. Each visa category has its own independent skilled occupation list, so it’s important to understand if your occupation is listed on the relevant list and what the requirements are
  • Obtain a skill assessment and start the process with Direct Migration Experts if required for your occupation. For some employer sponsored visa, skill assessment may not be required depending on the occupation and country of passport of applicant.
  • You will need to have an Australia employer willing to sponsor you, who must apply to become an approved sponsor if they are not already one
  • Be prepared and time ready for the Nomination requirements such as requirements of Labour Market Testing, proving Genuine position requirement along with any other additional requirement that may apply ie. Fair Work High Income requirement, Any applicable exemptions, Market Salary and much more….
  • If you have an employer willing to sponsor you, get in touch with our experts at Direct Migration Experts to help you navigate and achieve your employer skilled visa successfully.

Skilled Visas

There are many skilled visa pathways available some may be Skilled Independent Visa Pathways, State Sponsored Visa and Regional Skilled Visa Pathways

  • Time of the essence. Have a strategic plan about your Australia Permanent Residency Journey of how to emigrate to Australia as a skilled migrant
  • Prepare for your IELTS/PTE/TOEFL and understand score that you need to achieve along with which exam is acceptable and applicable to you and your profession (as some skill assessment authorities have strict Evidence of English requirements)
  • Obtain a skill assessment relevant to your profession and start the process as soon as possible (as this takes time)
  • Get advice from Direct Migration Experts, to get it right the first time and achieve your migration goal by understanding your visa pathway.


REAL CLIENT EXAMPLE (Please note the client has been renamed for privacy purposes)

Brian has arrived from UK, aged 28 years as electrician who has worked in the UK for 5 years in his occupation. While in Australia on a 417 visa, Brian fell in love with culture, beach and quality of live in Australia. He went to see an agent who advised him to apply for another 417 visa after completing his 88 days of farm work, to enable him to work longer in Australia. Brian came to see us for second opinion and our professional recommendation was that Brian can apply for a skilled pathway visa, employer-sponsored visa or 417 visa. Brian decided he wanted to have peace of mind and proceeded with skilled visa, knowing he will get residence and can travel back and forth to UK, has medical insurance and possibly can sponsor his parents and partner to Australia

How much will it cost?

Please contact us to enable us to assist you and advise about your visa prospects and costs involved.

Final Words

Being on your last Working Holiday Visa does not have to be the end of your stay in Australia. Student visas; unlike what most people are accustomed to; are NOT your only migration pathways to Australia. We do strongly advise any clients that are thinking of staying here to see us at Direct Migration Experts within a reasonable time frame where possible. This is in order to give yourselves the most options available and best suited to your skills and dreams. Send Direct Migration Experts your CV today to see how we can assist you.

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