In Australia on a working holiday visa, how can you make it last?

However, as many of you know that the lifestyle and beautiful country and people can be very inviting for one to want to extend their stay. A year can fly by when you are enjoying yourself.

Many clients at Direct Migration Experts want to stay in Australia after their second or even third year working holiday visa. The main question you all ask are what options do I have?

The options will vary greatly from person to person and depending on so many factors they include but are not limited to the following:


When your last visa is expiring within a month you are limited to your options for the short term. That is not to say that your long-term options in achieving your residency are vanished.

If you have another 6 months, then we can confidently say providing you hold the right experience and qualifications you may have options on the skilled occupation list to stay here permanently. Providing you meet the skills assessment your occupation is on the list and you meet the points criteria.

Some options you may have include but are not limited to the following visas:

Training visa

This is designed for persons with formal qualifications and not much practical experience. Here at Direct Migration Experts we specialise in providing the employers with their training plans and other necessary requirements to meet the Migration regulations and immigration processing criteria.

Student Visa:

For people wanting to study and perhaps compliment their existing work experience or overseas qualifications.

482 – work sponsorship visas

For people with a minimum of three years work experience in their chosen field. This visa will depend on the employer meeting the criteria of being an approved sponsor and the nomination of the position and the potential candidate (yourself) and lastly the visa application based on your formal qualifications and experience being relevant.

We also advise our clients to secure this with your employer at least two months prior to your visa expiring as too often one week before our client’s visa expires the employer changes their minds. Leaving our clients in limbo and limiting their short-term options.

Skilled Visas 

There are currently a few permanent residency visa pathways available for applicants that hold the right skills and formal qualifications. If we are able to get you a positive skills assessment and your occupation is on the list, then this may be an option for you.

So being on your last Working Holiday Visa as you can see does not have to be the end of your stay in Australia. Student visas unlike what most people are accustomed to are NOT your only migration pathways to Australia. We do strongly advise any clients that are thinking of staying here to see us at Direct Migration Experts within a reasonable time frame where possible. This is in order to give yourselves the most options available and best suited to your skills and dreams. Send Direct Migration Experts your CV today to see how we can assist you.